Zach’s Highlight Reel

Zach’s Highlight Reel
Sports reporter Zach Richardson

Washington Wizards at Philadelphia 76ers

Sunday, March 12 — Midway through the first quarter, 76ers guard James Harden found himself streaking towards the basket. In front of him were two defenders. As he got to the top of the key, Harden took the ball and bounced it between his legs directly behind him into the hands of fellow 76er Joel Embiid. Embiid took the ball and finished with a routine layup. The 76ers went on to win 112-93.

Minnesota Wild at Arizona Coyotes

Sunday, March 12 — With just under a minute left in overtime, Coyotes forward Clayton Keller pushed the puck through neutral ice. He quickly passed it to teammate Barrett Hayton. Hayton shot the puck, but it was blocked and scooted between the legs of the goalie. Keller, who was crashing the net from the back side, saw the puck and decided to dive after it. In his dive, he poked the puck into the net, giving the Coyotes the 5-4 victory.

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