Heating problems fixed in East and Granskou

Heating problems fixed in East and Granskou
The heating in Granskou and East was not working properly this fall. Photo from the Mirror archives.

Many students shivered this October as Granskou and East Halls experienced issues with heating early in the month. The heat in both buildings has been restored and the problem has been fixed.

East Hall director Kelsey Beznoska said that the root of the problem in East was a crack in the condensate return line. Granskou’s heating issues were related to equipment issues having to do with a pipe or valve.

“The current state of the heat in East Hall is that the heat is being turned on and off multiple times throughout the day to help control the temperature,” Beznoska said. “Many residents have noticed that once the heat came back on, it was extremely warm, so valves are being adjusted to help combat that.”

Beznoska said that 200 feet of pipe has been replaced in the building and that the crack has been fixed.

Neil Peltier, a Viking Advisor in Granskou, said while the building now has heat, it did not always reach the top floors of the tower.

“Overall, the situation was handled promptly, and we were given accommodations for when we didn’t have heat,” junior Jordan Hagel, an East resident, said. “My one issue was with our personal controls in our rooms. Maintenance never told us when they were coming or what they did to our radiator dials, so we don’t actually know if they are fixed or not.”

Accommodations provided to residents included space heaters that were divided up among the halls that were having issues. Residents said that they found this temporary solution helpful.

“I do believe that the situation has been handled well,” Beznoska said. “The residents of East Hall have also been so wonderful and patient with this whole process. As someone who also lives in the building, I understand their frustrations, as there were many things outside of my, the university’s and the residents’ control.”