Zach’s Highlight Reel

Zach’s Highlight Reel
Sports Reporter Zach Richardson.

Oklahoma City Thunder at Dallas Mavericks

Saturday, Oct. 29 — The Dallas Mavericks were holding on to a small lead early in the third quarter when all-star point guard Luka Dončić decided to drive with his right hand off of a screen set by teammate Dwight Powell.

The screen opened up the lane and created plenty of space for Powell to roll to the left of Dončić. With just one defender left in the lane, Dončić faked like he was about to go for a layup and instead gave the ball to Powell on the back side of the lane.

Powell caught the pass with two hands and proceeded to posterize Aleksej Pokusevski with a filthy dunk.

Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings

Sunday, Oct. 30 — Late in the first half, the Cardinals were trailing 14-2 and needed a touchdown. With just six yards to go, the Cardinals could smell the endzone.

Before the snap, receiver DeAndre Hopkins motioned from wide to a stacked receiver formation and proceeded to run an inside vertical route to the endzone. Vikings safety Harrison Smith was not fooled and had great coverage on Hopkins.

Regardless of the tight coverage, Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray threw the ball up to Hopkins anyway. Hopkins leapt into the air and snagged the ball one-handed over a helpless Smith for the touchdown.