Sodexo plans for growth

Sodexo plans for growth
A student gets food in the Ordal Dining Hall. Photo by Ryleigh Tupper.

Since the start of this semester, Sodexo has faced new hires, supply chain issues and increasing pressure from a large freshmen class. Sodexo is also working to revamp their menu and food labels.

Ashley Bohlen, the new general manager for Sodexo, was among a mirage of new hires, and she brings with her a history of work at Augustana.

“Bohlen used to be the catering manager, and she is an Augustana alumna,” Nedean Anderson, the Sodexo operation manager, said. “She has been with Sodexo in Augustana for 13 years.”

Anderson also hired a new catering manager, Kally Jorgesen, and executive chef, Ravyn Green.

“It’s exciting that Ravyn is the first female executive chef at Augustana,” Anderson said.

These new employees were part of Anderson’s goal to hire more staff for the cafeteria and increase sales. Anderson said the pandemic slowed hiring the last couple of years but that many people are applying for jobs again now. This goal is especially pressing with this year’s large class of freshmen.

Apart from new hires, the dining hall is also adapting to food availability changes with continued supply chain issues. Changes include new menu items, a larger salad bar and an omelet station.

Moving forward, Anderson said she also hopes to implement changes such as a larger variety of ethnic food and properly labeled food.

International student Hanvee Reddy Mamidi does not eat pork or beef. She said that people with restrictions like her are confused about the current food labels. If the items are not properly labeled, it can be difficult to decide what is okay to eat for people with dietary restrictions, specifically with foods like eggs and meats.

While Reddy Mamidi said the labels were confusing, she also said the Sodexo staff were hospitable and that the dining hall was in good condition.

“The dining hall has a variety of food like vegetables, fruits and dessert,” Reddy Mamidi said.