Patteson sparkles on-screen in chilling new Batman movie

Patteson sparkles on-screen in chilling new Batman movie

Love is complicated. It’s complicated when you choose to fight for it, and it’s even more complicated when it requires you to face new realities. How about a self-sacrificing love between a hundred-year-old vampire and a seventeen-year-old human?

Instead of the usual problems that couples tend to face such as crude jealousies or the hopeless attempts to normalize each other’s weird quirks and flaws, vampires are faced with life and death decisions in their relationships. How complicated can love get for a vampire? I guess that’s where “The Batmen ” directed by Matt Reeves attempts to reprove the overcoming power of love, even for vampires.

“The Batmen” main leads were portrayed by Robert Pattinson as the handsomely pale Bruce Wayne and Zoë Kravitz as the beautiful but daunting Selina Kyle.

The couple were officially introduced during a biology lab when Selina was asked to partner up with Bruce. From the moment the two sat next to each other “love at first sight” began to take its course. Although Bruce’s dark gaze would often watch Selina with an unsatisfied thirst, poor Selina Kyle doesn’t realize that Bruce was struggling with his “vampire urges.” However, this scene is just the dawn of the couple’s journey toward an array of impossible love.

Now let’s talk about Bruce Wayne! Wayne’s character is the candid driving force in the maturity of the couple. “The Batman,” introduces a man filled with hatred for his vampire identity, therefore, identifying as a monster. The stormy inner conflict that distorted Bruce’s perception of himself not only reflects his decision to be a vegan vampire (does not consume human blood) but his role as the protector of the Wayne family.

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Ironically, Selina Kyle’s role solidifies Bruce’s inner conflict. For instance, Bruce’s statement about how Selina’s blood is like a drug to him illustrates that her presence alone forces Bruce to confront his identity as a vampire. In addition to this, it was also her who noticed the man under the vampire mask. Selina believed that he wasn’t doomed to hell since his heroic personality erodes his animalistic nature.

Everyone knows supporting roles are often supposed to enhance the roles of main leads by “supporting”  the storylines of the lead characters. Whether they be a foe or a friend, all supporting characters in “The Batman” assisted in the creation of the lead couple.

It was very critical to the audience as well as the female lead, Selina Kyle, to see the type of relationship a seventeen-year-old teenager would have with the Wayne family. The film allows the audience to follow Selina’s experience with the Wayne family as she navigates the life-threatening aspect of being the only human in the midst of a pack of vegan vampires.

As she also faces a dilemma from other vampires who want to kill her. In all of these instances, the supporting roles have functioned as backbone to the lead couple. At times, the friends have encouraged their relationship putting the couple at ease, and other times the foes have stood as obstacles against the union of the couple. But even so the foes have never managed to separate the couple.

Once again, “The Batman” reiterates one of pop culture’s overrated belief that “love always wins,” even between a vampire and a human. There is literally nothing impossible that love cannot overcome!