Students to receive another round of HEERF III grant money

Students will receive up to $550 on Oct. 4 thanks to the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) under President Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARP).

All students are eligible to receive relief money, but the dollar amount depends on enrollment status and other grant status.

Full-time graduate and undergraduate students (12+ credit hours) will receive $450. Full time undergraduate students who qualify for Pell grant money will get an additional $100.

Part-time graduate and undergraduate students will receive $225. Part time undergraduate students with Pell grant eligibility will receive $50 on top of that.

The funds will be deposited directly into students’ bank accounts if their information is in the MyAugie portal. Students can expect the first payment on Oct. 4 as long as they have provided direct deposit information.

Students without a bank account can contact the business office to set up another method.

According to Tresse Evenson, director of financial aid, another similar payment is planned this spring.

“[The payment] may be made earlier if national circumstances arise or warrant an earlier payment,” Evenson said. “Payment amounts will be determined based on remaining available funds and enrollment.”

Students can use the money for any expenses. Seniors Hannah Cushing and Morgan O’Neal used their previous HEERF money for rent and groceries. Both students were able to put in their bank information through the MyAugie portal.

“I didn’t have to sign up this year since I got it last year, so they just emailed me and were like ‘Here’s $450,’” Cushing said.

Evenson said the university received $1,625,890 in total for student aid.

As of right now, there are no additional funds coming to students through the American Rescue Plan. It is currently unknown if the federal government will create another stimulus package.