Students express style with decoration trends

In the spirit of back-to-school, Augustana students have been working diligently to decorate their spaces for the new school year. From tapestries to guest seating to foliage, the dorms are as unique and individualized as the student body.

Freshman Annika Meyer said the care she and her roommate put into setting up their room in Tuve Hall helps her feel more at home.

“Our theme was ‘boho in neutral’ to make it seem like home without it being crazy and chaotic,” Meyer said.

Of everything in her room, Meyer said she’s most proud of her closet.

“I love to color coordinate things, so I have my closet very organized […],” She said. “I don’t want [my room] to feel cluttered because the chaos just makes it harder to focus.”

As returning students can attest, a dorm room is often the place to build community among peers. This aspect of dorm life is reflected in the way Meyer has set up her room. “We added two chairs underneath the bed, and then we have little movable ottomans to also work as chairs. And then my bed is low enough that people can sit on that. So we made it so that there can be seating all around the room,” Meyer said.

Sophomore Sarah Grimes took a slightly different approach to decorating her Stavig Hall room. She likes having designated areas for everything she does in her room. There’s a place in Grimes’s room for eating, for studying and for resting.

“I want my room to feel like me,” Grimes said. “I don’t want to come back to a space and feel like someone else is living there. I want it to feel like me even when I’m away from home.”

Grimes said she is proud of her plants and the art on the wall, both features that bring out the individuality and creativity expressed in her decorations.

Perhaps DIY is the way to go, as the students that attended Union Board of Governors (UBG)’s room decor crafting event proved. Students created colorful tapestries and inspiring signs that will brighten their dorm rooms and enhance their spaces.

Whether decorated with made-from-scratch pieces or items bought online or in a store, dorms are students’ homes away from home, and students are using decorations to help make their space feel personalized.