Women’s Ultimate in near future on Augustana’s campus

Megan Wendt



After being convinced by her brother to play with the Viking Ultimate Club (VUC) last year, sophomore Kelsey Schnabel decided to start a women’s ultimate team at Augustana this fall.

Schnabel said she had fun playing with the VUC and learning the finer details of the sport last year.

While participating, she discovered there were other women on campus interested in the sport, which inspired her to start a second team.

“Last year I heard of some girls who thought they couldn’t play with [the VUC] because they thought it was only for guys, so I knew that there was interest in forming a women’s team,” Schnabel said.

A minimum of 12 members will be needed to form a team with enough subs to compete in a tournament.

Women interested in playing are currently practicing with the VUC at 6 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday evenings on the Green. They also plan to participate in a tournament with the VUC on Oct. 6. in Northfield, Minn.

Schnabel considers the response she has received from women on campus  to be positive.

Junior Krista Youngberg relishes the experience of practicing with the VUC.

“It has been an enjoyable experience thus far,” Youngberg said. “The practices are fun yet competitive and a great way to get away from homework for a little while and hang out with some pretty cool cats.”

Youngberg decided to participate in the club after acquaintances encouraged her to join. She is staying involved because the game provides a dose of exciting, yet clean, competition.

“I am looking forward to the potential growth and community the Ultimate team brings to Augustana,” Youngberg said.

Sophomore Erin Williams is also new to the sport this fall. Though she hasn’t been as involved as she would like due to her work schedule, her brief experience with the team has her hoping that future schedules will allow her more time with the club.

“I think it would be a great activity to participate in every week,” Williams said. “It would be a fun opportunity to hang out with friends, meet new people and get some exercise.”

Though plans for the women’s team are still in progress, Schnabel said anyone who is interested in joining the team should look for posters around campus announcing an official first meeting and in the meantime feel free to join the men’s team for a practice.

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