WiGo app a party finder

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Have you ever wondered where your friends were on a Friday, Saturday or even a Wednesday night? Well, there is an app for that: WiGo.

WiGo is short for “Who is going out?,” and it is a great way to keep in touch with friends (as if there aren’t already enough ways for people to share where they are having supper).

Everyone on your friends list on Facebook can see your status about who you are with. Instagram knows what you’re wearing. Twitter says how you’re feeling. Snapchat shows the progress of the night, but WiGo lets you know who you will see.

WiGo is a school-based friend group, so in order to sign up you must enter your (.edu) email and then it will bring you to a list of people from your school who have WiGo. You have to connect to Facebook in order to sign up, but it clearly states (more than once) that you will not be able to post anything on Facebook from the app.

You have the option of following people, but if you are Facebook friends with them it is automatic.

According to iTunes, the WiGo app is described as “the first social networking app that shows college students who at their school is going out and where they’re headed every single night. WiGo resets every morning, so everything from the night before is wiped clean. Every day on WiGo is a new day.”

So, if you don’t want all of your family members on Facebook to know where you are going, WiGo is the app for you.

When you open the app, you can see everyone’s profile pictures and whether they are going out based on where their photo is placed. Now, if you are more curious about their destinations, on the second tab it will have where they are going—Buffalo Wild Wings, Bucks, to a movie, etc.

Once you say you are going out, you can request to see people “out.” If you want it to be more informal, just press on a person’s name when it asks who you want to see out. You can also have a conversation with them in the “chat” tab. This is perfect for seeing what that cutie from accounting is up to.

Even though only one photo will show up in the “going out” or “not going out yet” box, WiGo allows you to use five photos from Facebook and have a small biography of yourself. Mine, for instance, simply says “senior journalism major at Augie.” However, there are many more fun and creative one-liners on there.

While the idea of knowing where your crush is going is intriguing, it also has the possibility of being rather creepy. So, as a fair warning (as with all social media), just be careful what you put out there and when you do it, because you would not want the wrong person to see it.