What was the Jabberwock, and how did it compare to the Back Alley?

When asked this question, most freshmen respond with a blank stare or a comment along the lines of: “Are you studying Alice In Wonderland or something?”

The freshmen, however, aren’t the only bewildered people on campus when it comes to the Jabberwock. Many upperclassmen claim never to have been inside it and remark, “Isn’t it closed now?”

As a matter of fact, the Jabberwock, an interesting piece of architecture, which juts off of Old Main, has been closed down because it was deemed a fire hazard.

Since many have never visited the Jabberwock it remains a mystery. A few knowledgeable souls claim that they used to have parties, dances, movies, dinners and concerts there. One student was overheard saying that John Denver performed there once.

Now that the Jabberwock was closed down, a replacement had to be found for students. The Back Alley answered that call by providing a place for students to relax, play games and dance. The Old Gym was used for a Halloween dance last Saturday, and movies are shown in the GSC Auditorium. Some may still wonder how these replacements compare to the Jabberwock.

Ann Hofman, a senior at Augie, said, “The Jabberwock was more of a rustic place, whereas the Back Alley is more like a bar.”

The atmosphere of the Jabberwock has been called “unique.” Students proceeded down steps into an area which those who have been there call “cave-like.”

Once inside, one could relax by watching a movie series, listening to a band or playing games.

Many campus organizations held meetings and threw parties in the Jabberwock. Now these activities are housed in the Back Alley or in one of the Commons meeting rooms.

Last year, after pouring money into the Jabberwock for upkeep, it became painfully obvious that the wisest decision would be to close down.

The unique atmosphere of the Jabberwock has been replaced by the slick, clean environment of the Back Alley. Only time will tell which atmosphere Augie students prefer.