offshoulder leggings headband


If you’re anything like me, your closet is full of what seems to be a 1980’s comeback, a resurrection of Footloose, Back to the Future, The Breakfast Club, and whatever other 80s movie you can think of. Yikes.

Let’s start with the most obvious trend: the legging. Ranging from neon to leopard print to basic black, leggings have made a very successful comeback. Yes, I own my share of them, but I’m not brave enough to go out in any other color than black or gray. So, props to the girls running around campus in their wildly designed leggings.

But here’s a question: do they really qualify as pants? Let’s be honest, leggings accentuate every curve of girls’ legs, hips and butt— for better and for worse. And come on, ladies, have you ever bent over and had someone comment on the color of your underwear due to the fact that your leggings are see-through?

Maybe the trend should have stayed in the 80s where that was more socially acceptable.

How about the off-the-shoulder shirts I’ve seen around campus? Not now, obviously, but in the warmer months. Don’t your shoulders get cold? Especially for the ladies nowadays, shirts have gotten baggier. Everyone is buying shirts four zillion sizes too big.

Maybe it’s to cover our butts in our leggings, so no one can see through our pants. I understand them for working out, but out in public? No one wants to see your bra straps.

Meanwhile, headbands also seem to have tip-toed their way back into our generation.  We get ready to work out, we tie our hair back, put on a headband, and suddenly we don’t have ears.  I never liked headbands; I’m a bobby pin fanatic. Thick, thin, sparkly or bright pink, headbands don’t really have a purpose anymore. They’re a fashion statement. And here’s something crazy, they’re called HEADbands for a reaso: they go on your head, not around your forehead. Crazy, I know.

Pants are tighter too. And it’s not just the ladies anymore. When your dad is folding laundry over spring break and has to ask if the jeans he’s currently folding are yours or your brother’s, red flags should be flying like nobody’s business. And now they come in all sorts of colors.

We walk around like we’ve fallen into a bucket of neon paint. And guys, come on, buy some Levis or something that doesn’t accentuate your manhood. If your skinny jeans look like the girl’s next to you, you’re shopping in the wrong department.

You know, we wear all this stuff from decades past, and I can’t help but wonder if people that grew up in those decades look at us like “Um, we didn’t actually wear that, like, ever.”

Just think: what will be the comeback trend from our generation? Skinny jeans? Crop tops? Foam fingers? Let’s figure it out, kids. No one wants to see your butt, your boobs, your underwear or your bra. Let’s just give the 80s their stuff back and part as friends.