Students react to Big Event artist Sara Bareilles

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Sara Weinreis

UBG was pleased to announce that Sara Bareilles is coming to Sioux Falls on April 22 for the Big Event, but the student body is torn.

The response from students has been a mixed bag of emotions ranging from elation to disappointment.

“I think the fact that I know many of her songs makes me want to see her in concert,” freshman Jackie Adelmann said. “I love the messages in her songs, they’re uplifting and have a catchy tune.”

“I personally am very happy with UBG’s choice of having Sara Bareilles because I have loved her as an artist for a few years now.”

There has, however, been an outcry from some students about the choice on Facebook. There was a meme created that reads, “I don’t always get excited about UBG events… But when I do, it’s not Sara Bareilles.”

There were also status updates from students not even knowing who Sara Bareilles is. One such status received a comment that read, “Doesn’t matter, Augie didn’t get someone good this year.”

Senior Derek True said he will not be going because it seems like the concert won’t be very high energy with people sitting down. Plus he doesn’t think that the artist appeals to him in general.

“I think the women will like it [the artist] but most guys that I’ve talked to will not be going,” he said.

The UBG Big Event committee is very satisfied with the outcome of the almost year-long planning process and happy to have sold over 300 tickets to students already.

Between coordinating the budget, the date, the venue and the artist, senior and UBG Big Event co-governor Dillon DeBoer said that it was like “putting together a moving puzzle.”

“Students may have a misperceived idea of what it takes to get an artist,” he said. “Artists are more expensive than [they] think.”

The budget this year came from both ASA and the Dean of Students office totaling $15,000. The committee used a program called to create the budget using Bareilles’ past concerts.

“I give props to UBG for getting an artist such as Sara Bareilles to come to Sioux Falls, the music scene here in town can really use more big names,” said junior Megan Ulbricht. “UBG does a great job, and likely chose this artist because she would appeal to a majority of students, as well as the general public, and I completely understand that, I’d do the same.”

Other artists in the running included LMFAO, Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz, 3 Doors Down and Josh Turner but in the end Sara Bareilles won out because of her availability.

International student Batyr Shabdanov said, “I personally, along with tons of people, do not know Sarah Barreilles. But it says that it is BIG EVENT, so I am going.”

Tickets to the general public go on sale at 9:30 a.m. Saturday Feb. 25 on the Washington Pavilion website for $30.

Augustana student tickets are on sale for $20 that same day. The concert starts at 7 p.m. with more details to come about when doors open and transportation.