Tasty treats or results?

brooke kinney


I’ve recently developed a bad habit of feeling guilty whenever I eat something even remotely unhealthy.

One side of my brain, the side that is enjoying the indulgence, is telling me it’s okay to splurge for the fourth time this week.

The other side of my brain, the side that has bikini season on its mind already, tells me to back away from the cookie and chants “guilt, guilt, guilt.”

With the holiday season upon us, I’m afraid this guilty feeling is going to skyrocket and only the harshest of New Year’s resolutions can provide any therapy.

The multitude of tips to stay on a healthy track during the holidays tells me I’m not alone in this fear. If the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last Tuesday didn’t motivate you enough, here are some tips to survive Christmas sans regret.

You’ve made it the entire semester procrastinating, so now try your hand at planning ahead. Knowing you have a holiday party this upcoming Saturday, perhaps you can resist the cookie on Thursday.

Put down the sugary temptation and pick up a glass of water instead and you’ll curb your cravings. You can give yourself a small reward at the party when you see the chocolate-covered strawberries on the dessert table.

Chocolate drizzled anything will be better than the cookie anyway.

Only splurge on the really good stuff. Don’t waste your calories on something you could have lived without. Politely put aside your aunt’s mystery pudding and wait for what you’re really craving. Savor every bite of that without any apology.

Watch out for those sneaky calories hiding in drinks and hors d’oeurves.

Beware of specialty coffees such as Starbuck’s peppermint white chocolate mocha as it packs 540 calories and 76 grams of sugar in a grande. Creamy eggnog weighs in around 340 calories, meaning you’d have to jog for about 40 minutes to burn it off.

Choose a cup of apple cider instead, which likely has natural sugar and only about 120 calories. Limit yourself to a few crackers with cheese or munch on veggies without dip. It’s best to stay away from dips and sauces as much as possible, including sodium-packed gravy.

Christmas feasts are filled with every possible comfort food and of course you want to try everything.

Instead of piling your plate, take small portions of each dish. That way you can tell grandma her green bean casserole was just as good as grandpa’s turkey and you don’t feel an urge to fall asleep at the table. This method also ensures you’ll save room for a small sliver of pie.

Surviving the holidays without loosening the belt takes a lot of self-control, but small measures can go a long ways. Stay hydrated, don’t become too hungry before a large meal and make sure you’re still exercising often.

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself, though, and indulge in your holiday favorites. Tell the destructive side of your brain to take a hike until after New Year’s. After all, you need to have a resolution anyway.


Did you know?

According to Caloriecount.about.com, the average

chocolate sauce has 109 calories for every 2 tablespoons used.