Summer trends bypass spring styles



The air is a little warmer. The sun shines a little brighter. The smiles on the faces of many stretch a little wider. With only a few weeks left of classes, the feeling covers us as our oversized sweaters did for so many wintery months. The feeling is that of change.

It seems like only weeks ago we were buying chunky, knit scarves and puffy parkas… Oh wait, we were. Yet, alas, here we are: Another season come and gone, and with that we are reaching the end of another semester as well.

Another semester and another season—life flies by faster than the clothes on the sales rack at Nordstrom.

Fingers crossed that the sunshine is here to stay to make our goodbyes to homework, friends and winter clothes that much easier.

As I sat down to write about a springy fashion trend, I began to realize that winter stayed so long we have almost bypassed the pastels of spring and moved into the vibrant summer colors.

Floral dresses with a light sweater may not be worn. Jeans and T-shirt weather may be taken over by shorts and a tank top.  Mother Nature played so many un-spring-like tricks on us it is a wonder there were even any spring 2013 trends report.

Yet, just like time, fashion moves forward with or without the seasons.

Boyfriend capris and strappy heels became a must before snow was even off our Midwest ground. Oversized, graphic tank tops paired with lacey skirts were in, even though our blinding white legs weren’t ready to be seen in public. However, that didn’t stop the trends from appearing in Vogue and on the runways.

As fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli would say, “In difficult times, fashion is always outrageous.”

Do not let the weather rule of your wardrobe.

Yes, we live in the Midwest, but if you wake up inspired to wear a major maxi dress and a perfectly printed scarf, do it. Dying to wear your printed pants you purchased weeks ago? Wear them.

Fashion is about breaking rules. It’s okay to take a trend and make it your own. Just like it’s okay to totally defy one – you never know who will be inspired by your outfit and the confidence you exude while wearing it.

Here is your chance to match the change hanging in the air. It’s another season, another you and another chance to be outrageous.

Good luck.