Student’s music blog incorporates his passions



Jacob Tupa’s interest in computer science, English and music intersect in SideScript, his new website and blog.

The sophomore named the project “Side” because it’s a pastime and “Script” because the site features his writing.

Although Tupa now studies computer science, he was almost an English major. Regardless, he continues to write because he enjoys it.

The website receives between 20 and 80 views a day, but for Tupa, it’s not all about numbers.

“Whether we have like 10 readers or ten million, we just want to write good content and be excited about it,” Tupa said.

The music lover, who’s never been in band or choir, has seen numerous of groups and musicians perform. His favorite concert didn’t take place in a sold-out arena or concert hall and featured two bands most have probably never heard of: Mae and Deas Vail.

“It was in the upper level, like the attic of some dive bar in downtown Fargo,” Tupa said. “They just played their hearts out for like a $5 ticket. I mean, who knows if they were even making money.”

Tupa said one aim for the website is to share music that most people haven’t listened to.

“People don’t have the time to dig around for music,” Tupa said. “They just listen to what’s convenient and what’s on is the radio.”

He cites Drake as an example. His CD, “So Far Gone” has a lot of great songs, according to Tupa, but most people only have heard his more popular ones.

Tupa also enjoys learning the origin of a song.

“I would rather almost listen to music than watch movies because there is so much of a story,” Tupa said. “I love hearing the back story of why an artist wanted to write the song.”

His childhood friend, Dylan Hansen, the graphic designer for the site, agrees.

“It’s really easy to listen to a song over and over again without thinking about everything that went into it or what it’s really trying to say,” Hansen said. “I think SideScript has a lot to offer to readers and can expose them to bands they may have overlooked or never heard of before.”

The blog features “Song of the Week” posts and commentary on music like a recent article entitled “How fun., Kendrick Lamar, and Justin Timberlake show the Importance of Selfishness in Music.” He has interviewed Farewell Flight for the site, and he  hopes to continue adding interviews.

His love for music transcends many genres, including hip-hop, rap, recently jazz and pop. The latter, however, comes with a condition.

“The right kind of pop. I’ll stress that,” Tupa said with a laugh. “With good content that people really tried hard on making.”

If his website reaches a level of popularity that he could interview anyone, he’d pick one of pop culture’s current icons.

“Kanye West would be so interesting just because of the social stigma he has, and how he applies that to his music,” Tupa said.

To read Tupa’s “Songs of the Week” and other blog entries, head to