Augustana students embrace the stockings with boots trend


As the leaves continue to fall and the air begins to feel cool, the first hint of autumn seems to be here.

The change of season calls for pumpkin spiced anything, study dates, soul-warming food, blankets, Sunday football and, of course, an excuse to update your wardrobe.

For all the ladies out there, it’s time for layers upon layers upon layers; and the best place for you to start is from the ground up.

That’s right, I’m talking about the stockings with boots trend.

A look this cute and comfy has fall fashion written all over it. With this trend, stocking up for autumn may be easier on your budget than you originally thought. Pun intended.

Most of the girls I know have at least one pair of fabulous boots sitting in their closet that are a go-to in any season. Now add a pair of warm, fuzzy stockings and you will be looking more boot-iful than ever. Sorry, I really need to stop with the puns.

Junior Lindsey Schmidt claims the trend is one of her favorites, stating that she will be seen rocking it all fall.

“It is an easy and practical way to edge out an outfit and make it my own,” Schmidt said.

The trick to this trend is to make sure your socks are always higher than you boots, but the boot height versus sock height is also crucial to creating a flattering silhouette. Knee-high boots tend to be the most universally flattering, but it all depends on your body type and the look you are trying to accomplish.

As you begin to view your socks as an accessory, you will also have more fun with them.

For example, in the second photo Schmidt chose to pull her socks up over her knees, but she could have just as easily scrunched them, layered them or worn a bright color.

The possibilities are endless.

Once you get the hang of accessorizing your stockings, you can combine them with different types of boots.

Before you know it, you will be creating your own unique style that will leave your friends green with envy for days.

Most women are on an endless trek to stay trendy and fashionable. Sometimes that means wearing four-inch stilettos to a dance party that your feet remember for days. Other times it means wearing a little black dress in sub-zero temperatures, making the whole leg-shaving thing seem pointless.

Luckily, the socks and boots trend will forever go in the function and fashion category. That is something that doesn’t happen very often.

On that note, will you be stocking up for autumn?