Star Wars Episode VII Revealed


From the desk of George Lucas:

Onscreen text: Not nearly as long ago, in a galaxy still far, far away.

The Empire is defeated, and the galaxy is finally free again. Han Solo and Princess Leia are married on the moon, Endor, with the Ewok pope presiding over the ceremony. Meanwhile, Luke begins spreading word that he sees dead people.

Soon, the Ewok village falls into chaos as a result of Luke’s wild rumors. Realizing they must do something, Han and Leia agree to capture Luke. They decide to exploit the feelings Luke still possesses for Leia by using her as bait.

On a starry night, Leia asks Luke to meet her outside her tree house. But when he arrives, he is suddenly ambushed by Han and Chewbacca, the latter of whom locks Luke in a bear hug until Han can sedate him. The whole gang, including the droids, boards the Millennium Falcon and takes off for the planet Bedlam, where Luke will be institutionalized. Unfortunately, they forget Lando back on Endor, who is used as a sacrifice to the Ewok god in hopes of bringing peace to the village.

Deep in space, the Millennium Falcon encounters a strange ship, but before Han can steer them safely away, they are locked in by the ship’s tractor beam. Trapped in the mystery ship’s bowels, the crew decides to explore in hopes of finding their captors. Luke is left to be guarded by the droids while Han, Leia and Chewy leave the ship. The three soon see, though, that this ship is unlike any they have ever been on. The hallways are brightly lit, with eerily singing droids whose eyes follow the three as they move. After a few minutes, Han takes out his blaster, threatening to silence the nearest droid before it can sing again. But just before he can blow it to smithereens, a tiny blue creature comes racing down the hallway.

Star Wars

Han points his gun at the creature, but it becomes clear it is not an enemy. Instead, the creature raises one of its six limbs to Han, introducing itself as Stitch. He leads the three to the rest of the crew which includes a drunken pirate named Jack, an irate duck named Donald, and the ship’s captain, Mickey Mouse.

Following the introductions, Mickey tells Han that they are aboard the Steamboat Willie, the flagship of a giant, inter-stellar corporation which has come to control nearly every aspect of galactic society since the fall of the Empire.

However, Mickey’s mentor, the owner of the corporation, has recently sensed a new disturbance in the Force. And so he has sent Mickey on a mission to find the whereabouts of the disturbance. Mickey informs Han that they captured the Falcon because they sensed the disturbance onboard. But now it appears that they made a mistake.

When Mickey finishes, Han realizes that Jack and Leia have disappeared, but before he can react, Donald, who had left the bridge, comes running in, rasping and lisping in a frenzy. Hurriedly, he says that the Falcon has escaped the hangar and seems to have jumped to lightspeed. Worse, a group of loyalists to the Empire has surrounded the ship and are preparing to attack.

Mickey points Han and Chewy to the ship’s guns, and the three run off while Donald and Stitch man the ship’s deck. The droids along the hallway move to the ship’s exterior turrets. Han runs into Leia coming the other way, her hair disheveled, and the two exchange glances before Han continues in the opposite direction.

Meanwhile, Jack finds C-3P0 abandoned in the hangar and leads him to the ship’s bridge. Suddenly, the loyalist ships begin firing on the Steamboat Willie. The battle is intense and lasts for at least 20 minutes more than it should.

Eventually, Han shoots down the final enemy fighter and everyone regroups on the bridge. There, C-3P0 explains what happened on the Falcon. He and R2-D2 were watching the sedated Luke when R2 began whistling and clicking so violently that 3P0 thought the droid was about to explode. Then R2 seemed to shut down, except for his sensor eye that remained on, but had changed from red to a sickly yellow. 3P0 describes a sinister presence around them, then; he says he was about to call Han on the com-link when R2 stretched out the arm hidden in his head and zapped 3P0. When he awoke, 3P0 was lying on the hangar floor with the Falcon nowhere in sight.

Mickey and Han nervously look at each other. Mickey tells Donald to set a course in the direction the Falcon took, reassuring the others on the bridge that they will find Luke and Artoo. Several close-ups of the characters’ faces followed by one long shot of everyone looking into space through the bridge’s window. Roll credits.