Stand up against corporate welfare, support Third Party


Last year alone, the government brokered backroom deals using your money to give away $300 billion to corporations in special benefits – about $2,600 per U.S. household. How does this happen?

Corporate welfare occurs when an organization colludes with the government to impose unfair legislation and regulations. These discriminatory rules skew the playing field in their favor at the expense of smaller, less politically connected businesses – not to mention consumers. Last year, the national debt hit $16 trillion. Can we really afford this corporate welfare?

The Third Party, a new club on campus representing the views of political groups apart from the Republican and Democratic parties, is operating an informational table throughout the day in the main area of the commons Tues., March 5, and Wed., March 6, throughout the day. So stop by the table to fill out a postcard to Congressman Lucas in Washington D.C. telling him to put an end to corporate welfare – postage is taken care of.

Stop by the table to get your email onto The Third Party’s mailing list and never be out of touch with the most current issues plaguing our political realm. The Third Party will focus on the initiatives of the Libertarian, Green, and Constitution Parties; however, we are open to political affiliations of all kinds, so get your friends and join the cause. Come out and take a stand and let your voice be heard and your stand on corporate welfare be known on March 5 and 6 in the Commons main lobby. If you are interested in taking an active role in assisting with the table or club, please contact Troy Manley at

Submitted by Troy Manley