Spring weather increases desire to skip classes


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Laying outside your dorms on a beach towel, throwing around an Ultimate disc and yes, skipping classes to enjoy the outdoors. Spring has finally arrived on campus.

First, we had a winter that came too soon which turned into a winter that overstayed its welcome. Now, in the latter part of April we are finally getting to the bread and butter of college campuses, the fall and spring. Nothing says procrastinating classes like warm weather.

Once everyone caught their first scent of 70 degree weather on campus the energy was electric. Girls got away from long study sessions to lay out in bikinis. Guys were escorted outside by the sound a football makes when caught instead of playing video games. The term “spring has sprung” is a complete understatement for our campus.

I will admit, I have had my fair share of taking time off from classes to enjoy the weather over my four years at Augie. Some days I just wanted to enjoy the weather instead of learn about history, so I took a mental health day to soothe my spirits.

I am in favor of professors taking the first nice day we get in the spring and surprising students with “no class today, enjoy the weather” in an email. But hey, I’m a simple man with simple pleasures.

There are professors at Augie that basically have this as an unwritten rule. Over the course of my time here, without fail, every spring I will have a professor let us out a half hour early to roam around. And who could blame them, less teaching, and it’s a beautiful day outside.

But that also brings up the sentiment of going to your classes despite the lovely weather we have, and not getting sucked into what I would call is “summeritis.”

I had an epiphany about this the other day. I was almost wanting it to snow until finals, that way I would have a reason to stay in and study. Then again, who wants to be stuck in their dorm/apartment/house studying all the time?

It is important, not only to seniors, but to all students no matter what year you are to keep your eyes on the prize. I feel like I contracted senioritis about a week ago, and I am sure I’m not the only one. We will shortly evacuate the campus for warmer weather, relaxing with friends and regular bonfires under the stars. Hang in there people, the end is near.

And if we get snow this coming weekend, and are forced to bear one more second of powdery flakes on the ground, then by God I want to graduate with snow falling to the ground. And yes, you can quote me on that.