Shooting club perks student interest on campus


Another school year has started and another activities fair has been held. Overwhelmed freshmen, who probably signed up for too much, as well as sophomores, juniors and seniors enjoyed the Commons filled with clubs for all kinds of interests.

This year a couple of new clubs, one of them a shooting club founded by four firearm enthusiasts, are being formed. According to co-leader Jason Bassett, sophomore, they had a blast at the fair.

“It was a fantastic experience,” Bassett said, revealing that he actually had to run back to his dorm room to print off more sign up sheets. “I never expected that

many people.”

As of now the club has 37 members who seem to have taken their “no experience needed” signs seriously, a majority of those members being female.

“A few are really experienced with an interest in hunting, but mostly it was people who had never held a gun before,” senior Nathan Block, co-leader said.

But why should Augie have a shooting club?

“Everyone should learn to shoot and be safe, if not proficient with firearms,” Bassett said, making sure that the club first and foremost seeks to keep people safe with firearms.

Senior Kelly Silvers, senior, one of the clubs new members, shares the same philosophy. She signed up at the


activities fair, but has no previous experience with firearms. “I wanted to join the Shooting Club because I think knowing the correct way of handling a gun is a good skill to have,” she said.

The current schedule is still a work in progress. A meeting with Campus Safety also awaits before any final plans are made, but the founders imagine four major events spread throughout the year and some random days of shooting in between.


The current debate around gun laws doesn’t make the club sweat.

“Our club’s stance is that we are opposed to any stricter regulations on firearms,” Bassett said. “And the way public opinion has been going the past few years, we’re probably not going to get stricter laws.”

Students interested in joining shooting club should contact either Bassett or Block via email.