Senior class prexy is Norwegian, pipe-smoking He-man

Inman “sings for his supper” with promising Augie quartet

“But I’ve never done anything,” gasped Inman Hesla, as I cornered him on a Huddle lounge davenport, placed a foot more firmly on his chest and courteously demanded the facts of his life. He capitulated. I produced a wicked looking pencil, and this is what I learned.

Senior Inman is the ideal Augie student, a Norwegian. He was born on June 2, 1922, down on the farm near Vermillion, but counts Wakonda as his home town.

As a student in nearby country grade schools, he began acquiring an education. When Inman was in the sixth grade, he and a classmate took up knitting as an extra-curricular activity. Strictly on the q. t., he can still purl a mean stitch without dropping it.

After a sojourn at the Augustana Academy in Canton, Inman enrolled at Augustana College in 1941.

He holds a record on the roster of Uncle Sam’s forces, too. Ensign Hesla served in this man’s navy from 1943 to 1946 and wasn’t seasick once! Duty was in the Pacific, including the Iwo invasion via a landing ship tank.

Then he invaded Augustana again in 1946. A ‘47 grad, he is principally interested in biology.

Then it will be either medicine or teaching biology. If he does teach, Inman would rather teach college students because they “want to learn.” Also, since he cannot stand silly high school girls.

But college girls — they’re a different matter. If you are tall, slinky, light brunette, quiet and refined, agreeable, sincere and fun-loving, you are just his type. No other qualifications are necessary.

Inman may be further recognized as one of the larger fourths of Augie’s male quartet. He and Arlyn Roe, Arvid Brekke and Dean Hofstad are blending their talents and will take to the road during the holidays giving concerts in South Dakota and adjoining states. Inman is the second bass, a position he also occupies in the A choir.

President of the senior class, Mr. Hesla takes time off from his executive duties to hunt and fish. He uses a gun for off-campus hunting, a camera for on-campus shots. He’s very careful not to exceed the limit during the off- campus trips. Ain’t it the limit?

Lutefisk and lefse sound mighty tasty to this genial Norske.    But he doesn’t drink coffee. Inman can’t cook, either, unless you would classify frying eggs as a culinary art. Then he really cooks with gas.

If you are out for a pipe-smoking he-man, gals, here he is. In- man started smoking way back in high school — mostly because it was strictly forbidden. But he’s still putting the flint to his favorite brand, Sir Walter Raleigh, and puffing away.

Me, too!

Dec. 12, 1946

The Augustana Mirror