Viking Days is a week of entertaining activities that shows the talent and creativity of those involved year after year. Students and staff work incredibly hard to provide an enjoyable environment for students.

As a writer, you can expect me to criticize some of the events and what could have been better.

But as a reader, I expect you to examine every event based on your own experience, and I will only guide you through what overcame my senses and controlled my emotions.

The week began with Ole’s Opening Ceremony and Coronation.

The decorations and organization of the event were excellent. During Coronation the choir and the band performed on a high level, pleasing those in attendance. The overall development of the ceremony was entertaining, funny, elegant and distinguished, resulting in a great evening.

As every event has flaws, I asked the students in attendance what they felt was missing. The response seemed to be unanimous: food. Apparently to them, the food was lacking, and I agree.

I understand it was the same food the Commons offers, but I believe the limited variety of food could have been expanded for a tastier homecoming meal.

Apart from the food, the event was a success. With a final touch of extraordinary fireworks, the closure of the opening ceremony and coronation was great.

Two days after the opening ceremony, I participated in the float building event which took place near the Humanities parking lot.

The environment was enjoyable, and the groups worked hard on their floats.

Appropriate space was provided for float building, and the music at the event inspired the hardworking groups to showcase their dedication and construct creative floats.

Next came Viking Varieties.

I was completely blown away. My expectations were high, but the performers and crew did an amazing job.

I must say that every act had its own charm.

From the drummers to the singers, the hosts to the orchestra, it was a near flawless performance.

Again, I am writing from my personal experience. The final judgment of the event must be made individually.

Finally, Saturday came.

The parade took place in the morning, where the only flaw was the cold weather.

The parade lasted for close to an hour and, thanks to the people involved and those in attendance, everyone remained entertained.

After the parade everyone started getting ready for the football game.

The choir sang “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and I must congratulate them on a magnificent performance.

As far as the football game goes, Augustana may not have won, but we must acknowledge that the team worked hard. After all, it is a game and anything can happen.

Some people say that the loss was a sad way to end Viking Days, but in my opinion it was a good week and the result of a game should not take that away.