RESTLESS, By The Gallery 3/5 STARS



The Gallery is an indie rock band hailing from Wilbraham, Mass., and Restless is their second full-length album of crowd-pleasing mod rock songs.

Restless lives up to its name; it’s a 12-song collection of straightforward and lighthearted lyricism about life, youth and love.

Drawing influence from post-2000s country rock and classic rocksters such as Tom Petty, The Gallery whoa-oa their way through gang-vocal sing-along choruses tailor-made for gym floors full of adolescents fresh into their naive romances.

The clear but slightly spacious guitar tone evokes other contemporary rock acts like the Kings of Leon, and their city night lights musical sensibilities match the yearning charm.

“Restless Soul” in particular brings the country feel to the forefront, while frontman Brendan Cooney’s pleasant baritone takes on a significant twang to the slow-burning ballad.

Whereas “Wild At Heart” ups the twang to a sensation more like a summer sundown barbecue, a clean party song comparable to the feel of cool grass on your bare feet.

Tracks like the smoky “Ballroom of Broken Hearts” and “Young & Restless” see The Gallery wedging the full-on rock band hat onto their heads, as “Ballroom” makes use of fuzz-laden guitar on the sad power ballad and “Young & Restless” group-vocal chorus and punchy guitar licks sit it firmly in the vein of Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble”.

Overall Restless is exactly what it makes itself to be, a bare-bones young love album full of songs meant for the radio and making out under the stars over the city skyline on a Friday in June.

It’s an album of childish energy and more than a bit of fresh heartbreak.

The Gallery