Recycling Task Force devises a proposal

In the Fall of ‘91, when GREEN realized that it could no longer handle the masses of recycleable products pouring into the Jabberwok, they realized something had to be done.

“We didn’t have the manpower to run a comprehensive recycling program on this campus,” Josh Westgard, treasurer of GREEN said. “We were trying to keep up as best we could … there was just too much stuff.” Moreover, the Jabberwok was closed this summer because it was a fire hazard.

In response, the administration formed the Recycling Task Force consisting of faculty, administration and students.

Lisa Bruggeman, director of student activities and convener for the task force, said that recycling should be institutionalized for continuity also, “If the college is going to do recycling, it has to be institutionalized so that it carries over from year to year. This year, GREEN has great leaders, but will that be the case every year?” Presently, the only organized recycling on campus is the small amount of recycling that GREEN has the ability to do: After the Jabberwok was closed, GREEN was given a small room in the commons for storage. The remaining recycling has been left to individuals.

The task force spent much of last year compiling a study on how recycling at Augustana could be most effective, and by spring, they thought they had formed a plan: On July 1, maintenance would take over recycling. However, maintenance, like GREEN, lacked the necessary staff.

At the beginning of this year, the task force was back trying to devise a plan that would work. Currently, they are working on a proposal which may be mandated by Thanksgiving Break.

While GREEN and the task force devise a proposal, they hope students will continue to recycle on their own. Between now and when their proposal is implemented, GREEN will set up bins for paper in all computer labs and by copy machines in the library, social science, and the English department.

“Recycling needs to be institutionalized on campus. It’s like campus security, if someone wants an escort, an institution doesn’t say ‘get your own,’ the institution gets that person an escort,” Westgard said. “I think the task force is making some good progress.”