Bucket list for final two years at Augustana


Believe it or not, spring is here. Finally. And while the warm weather melts away the scars of icepocalypse, the academic year is nearing a close.

As I reflect on my time at Augustana so far, I can’t believe how fast it’s gone. It doesn’t seem like that long ago when I stepped onto campus as an awkward, four-eyed freshman, and in a few months, I’ll return to campus as an awkward, four-eyed junior.

But I’ve still got time here, and in that time, I want to ensure that I’ve made the most of the Augustana experience. So, without further ado, I’ve created a “bucket list” of things that I’d like to accomplish in the second half of my college career.

First, I’d like to study abroad. I’ve seen so many of my friends experience different cultures, and I want to go somewhere completely different from anywhere I’ve seen before. At the top of my travel wish list is India because I’m interested in exploring its rich cultural heritage and the different religious practices.

Another unseen place I would like to travel to is the depths of Old Main, and maybe even play a treacherous game of hide-and-seek. I’m intrigued by all of the history kept within that building, and it’d be great to hear some first-hand accounts from alumni about what it was like “back in the day.”

Next on my bucket list is riding in the legendary Viking ship. I don’t necessarily have high aspirations to be a part of homecoming royalty, but I’d love to take a lap around campus in that old ship.

I would also like to drive Lil Bill (the small, white golf cart-esque vehicle around campus) to class for a day. If I can get across campus in a few minutes on foot, just think how fast I could go in a small vehicle.

Another place on campus that I’d like to be is on the roof of Granskou. Currently, I live on eighth floor, and my roommate and I have discovered the staircase that leads to the ceiling. All that we need is the key to access it, and we can have the best view on campus.

Additionally, I want to further my professional resume in my time here, and one of my primary career goals is to see my writing in a variety of publications. The Mirror has afforded me many great opportunities to get journalistic experience, and I can’t wait to apply those lessons to other writings in the future. End shameless plug.

Finally, I highly value the relationships I’ve built so far at Augustana. It’s hard to believe how supportive professors here have been of me, and I hope to continue to build relationships and make connections with the Augustana faculty. Heck, maybe someday I’ll even be able to cross, “Have a beer with a professor” off my bucket list.