Augustana students are getting creative.

Many students are naming the places where they live, including the “Bocce Ball House,” the “Slytherin Dungeon” and others. The meaning behind this action is deeper for some than others. Many students just want to have fun with where they live, while others want to follow tradition.

For athletes, it is tradition to name their houses after the sport that they are playing.

“When the soccer players live together, their house is referred to as ‘The Soccer House,’” junior Alex Mischke said. “We were talking about potential names for our house, and someone brought up how athletes name their houses after the sports they participate in. We just picked a random sport, which happened to be Bocce Ball, and went with that.”

Other members of the Bocce Ball House seem to agree that their decision on the name stems from the common house naming formula: sport plus house equals house name.

“Since some of us are avid bocce ball players, we decided to include this in our house name,” house member and senior Patrick Brende said. “We really like the emphasis the name puts on the team aspect within our home.” Not all of the residents play the sport; they just like the idea of it.

Whether an athlete, an actor or an artist, many Augustana students are joining in on the fun and naming their campus house.

Not all of the houses are named after sports, however. Some are occupied by participants in art and theatre on campus. There is currently a campus house occupied entirely by theater students. It is known as the Road House.

“I think it got its name because it was meant to be a place that past Augie theater grads and friends could come and stay when they visited,” junior house resident Teresa Preuss said.

Much like in sports, housemates said there is a sort of team ethic within theater. The residents of the Road House have participated in several shows and classes together. Having spent so much time together in the past, living together is relatively simple for them, Preuss said.

Others go deeper still. For instance, think Harry Potter. Potter fans will know that in the beginning of the story, the young students are sorted into “houses” based upon their character. The point of this was to get the students to establish themselves as a part of a community,. Such is the goal here at Augustana.

“We call ours the Slytherin Dungeon. We’re in a basement apartment in the Duluth Apartments,” junior Ashley Gaspar said. “My roommate and I were both sorted into the Slytherin house on the online game called Pottermore. When we first moved in, the apartment was dingy and dark, so we decided ‘Slytherin Dungeon’ was a fitting name.”

For some, like Slytherin Dungeon, the criteria for naming their houses consisted of location and location alone. That is the case for “The Marina.”

“We came up with the name this summer. We were trying to relate it to Lake Avenue because that’s the street we are on. We though The Marina was clever because it’s a place people can come to hang out off of the lake,” said resident and junior Steven Miller.

No matter the name, it’s become clear: naming houses isn’t just up to administration anymore.