No houses will be torn down for another year. According to director of residence life Corey Kopp, the housing office will mainly work on updating Solberg Hall this summer.

Odin House and Academy House were scheduled to be torn down this year and to be replaced by a new apartment building, but the housing office decided to postpone the construction for the next year or two.

“We have since [housing selection] filled Academy for the coming year,” Kopp said. “But we expect that it will just be a one-year deal.”

Since Academy is now filled for the next academic year, the housing office is also considering opening Odin at some point before the school ends, according to Kopp.

With the large number of projects happening around campus, such as the new science building, the housing office determined there is not enough time to tear houses down this year.

Nonetheless, Kopp said he hopes that by the end of next year,  the housing office will be able to get into the ground and take both houses down.

Senior Monica Llaguno, who currently lives in the Odin House, supports the idea of building a new apartment building because she believes her house is not in a prime condition.

“We’re always calling maintenance,” Llaguno said. “There’s always something to work on every time, so it makes sense for them to build something new or to rebuild the house.”

Although Kopp agrees that both houses need “some kind of work,” the main reason the housing office plans to replace both houses with a new apartment building is the strategic location. Both houses are located on Summit Avenue, across from Gilbert Science Center and Madsen Center.

“It’s a great location for an apartment building and that’s the only reason we’re interested in tearing it down,” Kopp said.

“If we weren’t going to build an apartment at all, then those two [houses] would be next on our list to do some major work in, but we don’t want to put $10,000 worth of working into a house that six months from now we’re going to tear it down.”

Kopp believes that the new apartment building will have a similar design as Summit Apartment, only somewhat bigger. He hopes the new building will be able to house at least 40 students.

Lookout House is also seen as having an ideal footprint to build a new apartment building in the future.

However, the hills in that area require a lot of ground planning, so Odin and Academy are housing office’s best bet to replace with a new apartment for now, according to Kopp.

Since the new apartment building project has been postponed for a year, the housing office will focus on updating Solberg Hall this summer.

Last summer, the housing office worked on replacing the old tile, installing new carpeting and redoing the ceiling on third floor Solberg. Kopp aims to do the same work on the first and second floor this summer.

Along with that, the closets in Solberg will be replaced with the same type of closet in Granskou Hall and Stavig Hall.

Depending on how much time and how easy the work is, the housing office also seeks to do some tile work in Bergsaker Hall and some updating in Duluth Apartment and Campus House.