No quick fix for getting into shape, work hard in order to see results




Hate is a strong word, but I will say I strongly dislike the pins, images or quotes that promise quick results for fitness goals. Lose 10 lbs. in two hours after drinking this juice and doing 20 bodyweight squats. Ladies, and gents, it doesn’t happen that way. Ever.

There is no quick fix, easy solution or promised land of losing weight. I sometimes wonder why my one day of cutting carbs didn’t produce a miracle number on the scale, but then I realize I’ve fallen victim to the lies.

We’ve all wanted to give up on a diet or our workout plan at some point. You ate a healthy breakfast, avoided the carbs at lunch and even made it through supper without picking up a delicious and easy-to-grab Common’s cookie. But then the dreaded hardcore study hour is here, and the evening cravings for anything salty or sweet hit. You’ve been good all day so a little treat is no big deal. An entire bag of chips later you feel crabby, unmotivated and really wishing you had made time for the gym that day.

Pinterest will save you. Find the quick-fix diet and the chip catastrophe will be reversed.

Unfortunately, no matter how much we wish, those acts won’t get us far. The only thing to rid those calories from your body is braving out the sweat-dripping workout.

Doing a cleanse, avoiding carbs or sugars or doing a few crunches once a week won’t get you to your summer beach body, unless you’re one of those girls the rest of us, ah, strongly dislike. But good genes will only get you so far, and there will come a time you might struggle too. It’s time to motivate yourself to develop a real plan to stay healthy and look your best.

Use Pinterest to motivate yourself and to help you stay accountable to keep working out. Whether it’s running, lifting, yoga, biking or something else you love, doing it regularly will show results. Stay dedicated to the activity. It’s not a quick fix, but it’s a real solution.