Nice Buns


Hot cross buns, bunheads, bunnin’ around: No matter how you say it, high buns are this fall’s hottest hair trend.

The classic hairstyle is elegant, easy and flatters every face shape. People can’t help but check out your buns.

The best part about the bun is that the dirtier your hair is, the better. Soon you will be coining the phrase “save water, wear a bun.” This is one look that actually requires no shower and still takes your look from drab to fab.

To get the down-low on the high bun, I asked a few Augustana students how they like to do their dos.

Freshman Tessa Pesicka says it is all about the volume.

“I usually wear a bun the day after washing my hair, so I love to use Got2b POWDER’ful Volumizing Powder” Pesicka said. “I find that, the more volume my hair has, the better the bun.”

Junior Carly Uthe, on the other hand, likes to grab some dry shampoo before she begins her look.

After prepping your hair to get the desired texture, the classic high bun how-to is simple.

First, pull your hair back into a high pony. You can pull out some pieces of hair to frame your face or you can keep it sleek and straight back.

Then take your pony and wrap the hair around it, creating the bun effect. This is where you can make the style your own. Wrap the hair tighter for a more ballerina-like look, or keep it loose and bohemian-like. It all depends on your preference.

Next, pin the bun you created with bobby pins. Once you have finished your style, secure it with lots of hairspray.

That is one thing Pesicka, Uthe and freshman Maddie Merriam all agree on: “You can never use too much hairspray.”

I am a big believer that trends are great, but the best way to rock a trend is to make it your own. That being said, play with the high bun. You can put your own modern spin on it by adding an accessory, making it bigger or twisting it. Before you know it, you will have people asking you to do their hair.

If you ever find yourself in a slump and need some how to pointers beyond Cosmopolitan, Glamour or Elle, YouTube is a surprisingly great how-to fashion resource.

“My friend is really good at doing the sock bun,” Merriam said. “I have always wanted to try it, so I went on YouTube and there were tons of great videos that break it down. I can’t wait to perfect it.”

The high bun is a timeless, effortless style. I dare you to take the simple hairdo and give it that modern spin.

After all, who doesn’t like nice buns?