NBA: Dictatorship to a democracy

Adam Vosburgh


Thanks to NBA Commissioner David Stern’s $250,000 fine handed to the San Antonio Spurs on Friday, Nov. 3 for benching four of their main players, columnists are beginning to wonder if the league could turn into a democracy, rather than a dictatorship.

Those of us who pay attention to the NBA are not strangers to David Stern and his antics when it comes to the business side of things, but I think he took this too far.

Usually, teams in the NBA will rest their star players right before the push into the playoffs so they can recover in time to make a run at the title. Coach Gregg Popovich decided that some of his players needed a break, and there hasn’t even been 30 games yet.

Stern was upset, so he did the mature thing and fined the team $250,000 for their actions.

The Spurs, the night they sat four players, were on their seventh game in 11 nights, with the first six being road games. I believe they should be allowed to rest whoever they want, whenever they want.

If the Spurs give up their chance to win the game, let them. It should be their choice. Stern shouldn’t have a say in this, in my eyes, because all he really wants is a bigger financial transaction for his gain.

Stern was quoted as saying “. . . I have concluded that the Spurs did a disservice to the league and our fans.” Isn’t that just peachy of him?

I find it interesting that this NBA season is 82 games long, as compared to the previous seasons which have been considerably shorter.

Why not let the coach do what he wants? Because Stern won’t allow that to happen under his watchful eye.

Stern doesn’t want the league to be getting out of his control, so he needs to be the man to control everything.

God forbid one thing should happen that he doesn’t want. Oh wait, it did. And there was a $250,000 fine issued. Have I told you how much I love this man yet?

Understand that I am not exactly disagreeing with Stern, just with the way he handles business. If a smoke alarm goes off, Stern might choose to shatter it with a shotgun as opposed to being a civilized member of society and whooshing away the smoke.

However, I can see Stern’s point of view. There really shouldn’t be a democracy in the NBA. If there were a democracy, it might turn into the wild wild west of the professional sports world. There does need to be a higher power, and whether that power needs to be Stern or someone else I can’t say, but that is beside the point.

The point here is that if you are going to run a dictatorship, do it well. For if your people are happy, you will be happy in return. Maybe Stern should think about that next time before he opens his mouth and commits an act that others don’t like, for it may be the last we see of him in the NBA world.