Let me start off with the good news: there is an app in production that will turn your favorite Instagram photos into wearable nail stickers, which you can then – wait for it – put on Instagram to be envied by everyone. Yes, it’s a little ironic.

Here is the even better news: as of April 1 (no fooling), the app that originally started as a Kickstarter campaign project received the required amount of money to actually put the app into production.

Nail art seems to be all the rage lately. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Beyonce and Zooey Deschanel are a few of the A-listers who have made this intricate nail décor a major 2014 trend. With the NailSnaps app, you too can have the nails of a celebrity, only for a much more affordable price.

NailSnaps will be a free mobile app that will allow you to choose from any of the photos on your Instagram. You can choose a photo from your own personal feed, a friend’s feed or your favorite Instagrammer’s feed.

Think about it: you could have your cute cat resting on your nails. You could have that really cool, artistic #selfie Kim Kardashian took the other day. You could have a picture of you in the eighth grade with braces and bangs.

Scratch that.

Nevertheless, the possibilities are really endless.

Once you’ve selected your chosen image, through the app you can adjust the picture to be the correct size and shape that fits your nails best.

The photo will then be converted into “high-quality” nail-polish stickers. The app allows you to alter your image to have the image span across your nails by picking and choosing different parts of an image for each particular finger, or give each nail the same image in the more traditional way.

The masterminds behind the NailSnaps app will then print out your chosen image from their home base manufacturing facility in Los Angeles and ship them right to your door for a small shipping fee.

Applying the NailSnaps is easier than the hassle of actually painting your nails. All it takes is placing the sticker on the nail and filing off any excess sticker. The nail stickers promise to last for up to a week.

In an interview with, NailSnaps founder Angel Anderson explained that she found inspiration in the fleeting nature of Instagram photos. She wanted a way to “physically showcase” her pictures in a way “that’s just as ephemeral and impermanent as a social feed.”

The NailSnaps Kickstarter campaign ended with a total of 928 backers that helped them raise $49,157, almost $2,000 over their $47,381 goal. Why the amount was so specific is still unknown. Whatever the reason, the app will be going into production in the very near future.

To start, NailSnaps will only be available for iPhone users. However, every additional penny over their $47,381 goal will go towards making the app available for Android users.

Although there is no official date as to when NailSnaps will be available in the app store, it’s only a matter of time.

Thanks to the NailSnaps app, we can say goodbye to last year’s boring old one-color nail polish trend and instead say hello to our nails as a gallery of wearable art.