Lindamood leaves legacy of caring for Augie students

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Cathy Lindamood was, among other things, a supporter of the Augustana men’s soccer club.

“She knew that internationals look for soccer and is something that makes us happy,” said senior Claudio Arce Cascante, an international student from Costa Rica. “She supported the idea of creating a male soccer team at Augie, hoping that this would recruit more international student-athletes.”

This was a Cathy way to be. According to director of international programs Donn Grinager, everything she did “emanated from her commitment to family.”

“That particular kind of context permeated her relationship with Augustana,” Grinager said. “Cathy had this incredible love of family. First of all her own, second of all her Augie family.”

Cathy’s adopted Augustana family reached out to her in her last few weeks as she battled  cancer that came back from remission. Students and faculty alike were encouraged to send cards, emails and Facebook messages as a sign of support.

Cathy chose “quality of life for the remainder of life over quantity,” Grinager said. After a short time in home hospice care, Cathy was moved to a hospice home. Surrounded by family, Cathy died on Easter Sunday, April 20.

Cathy had come to Augustana a little more than three years ago as the assistant director of international programs. She was “the point person” for all student advising, Grinager said.

“She just had this broad skill set,” Grinager said. One moment she would be deep in managing the Studio Abroad portal and the next could be entirely engaged – engrossed, even – in a conversation with a student.

“It was important to Cathy to do her job well and make sure the students of Augustana were taken care of,” associate director for international student services Erin Kane said. “She was interested in the goals and dreams of the students she advised and was always looking for ways to improve her service to them.”

For Cathy, this also meant opening her home to international students like Arce Cascante.

“Cathy made a big difference on me feeling welcomed here,” Cascante said.

“Her house was always open to international students, especially during hoidays. For example, over Christmas most of her children would come home, and, on top of that, she would invite many international students who stayed on campus to come over to her house for dinner. Christmas can be a hard time to be away from home, and she made a home for those who were away from theirs.”

“Welcoming” is one word that everyone who knew Cathy would attribute to her. She was joyful, friends say. She loved hugs. She was happy. She encouraged and incited laughter. There was passion and enthusiasm there.

“I always saw Cathy as a friend,” Arce Cascante said. “I never went to the IPO looking for her to help me…. I went to see her because I liked to talk to her.”

Cathy Lindamood was, among other things, a mother, a teacher, an administrator, a hugger, a friend and a gracious host.

“I feel like I don’t do her justice with my words,” Cascante said. “She was so much more and such an amazing person.”