The Mikkelsen Library, Augustana’s number one study spot on campus, recently announced they are adding a pool table to the main level a few weeks before finals.

“We want to give the students a hip and upbeat place to get their homework done,” said librarian Jan Brue Enright. “I’ve heard complaints about the peacefulness of the library creating a depressing atmosphere. I think it will be the perfect cure for students and staff.”

The pool table was suggested for the library soon after the Huddle added one. Since students responded so positively to having a study area disrupted the first time around, the librarians decided they would follow the Huddle’s lead. Librarian Lisa Brunick said she couldn’t wait for the pool table to arrive.

“I’m excited to shoot some pool on my lunch break,” said Brunick. “I’ve been trying to get a pool table in the library for years now. It will be positive peer pressure on the students. They will be thanking me.”

The pool table will be placed where the current Ole’s Oasis is located. According to Enright, the chairs from that area of the library will be donated to Granskau Hall because “it needs a serious makeover.”

The books from the Ole’s Oasis bookshelves will not be as lucky as the chairs and will not find a home on campus. The best-selling novels will be set aside to be recycled and made into movies.

“No one ever checks out a book from Ole’s Oasis so we decided it would be best to just throw them away,” said Enright. “Who’s got time to read for fun? Plus, with this new pool table, everyone will want to spend their free time at the library.”

The empty shelving will provide a place for a new snack bar. Students tend to enjoy snacking while studying, and now they won’t have to leave the building to purchase their favorite snack. In addition, the booths next to Ole’s Oasis will be replaced by several loud cash registers for speedy snack transactions.

While the library staff is super excited for the new addition, some students find the idea of a pool table in their favorite study spot to be a burden.

“What a terrible idea,” sophomore Megan Petersen said. “Where am I supposed to study? I practically live at those booths. Shouldn’t we get to vote on this?”

Sophomore Ashley Heupel agreed.

“If this is the reason tuition is going up, I won’t hesitate to transfer back to USF,” she said. “Their library may have spider webs, but at least there wouldn’t be a pool table to distract me.”

Despite some negative feedback, those students who value procrastination are looking forward to another distraction.

“I haven’t done homework since Netflix was invented,” senior Aaron Vidal said. “If I’m not going to get any studying done, I might as well at least get some mild exercise.”