Letter to the Editor

By Andrew Sogn

Dear Friends,
I am a recent graduate of what I believe to be one of the finest institutions in the world, Augustana College. I am proud of my school, proud of my classmates and proud of the current students who carry on the Augustana legacy. Still, over the past few days I have read about issues arising on our campus that have seemingly enraged certain individuals, and I feel compelled to respond.
It is a blessing to attend Augustana College. That should be known and understood. Those who attend this school are blessed to have opportunities afforded them that few other institution would think to offer. Students are blessed with nice facilities that provide opportunities for learning, research and wellness. There are groups on campus that provide students with support, fellowship and encouragement. Furthermore, students are blessed to have administration members and faculty who seek to impact the world in a positive manner and who refuse to settle for good enough. This is a school that forces you to stretch your abilities and work harder than you’ve ever had to before. It is also a school that in four years helps equip you to succeed and make a difference the remainder of your life.
Bumper stickers and motivational speakers often state that “you are not owed anything.” This may not be a universal truth, but it is often the case. To the students who feel a revolt upon Augustana is the only way to fix the system, listen closely: Augustana does not, and will never, owe you anything.
As I said before, it is a blessing to attend this school, and one that should not be taken lightly. Please heed caution when writing on a social media site or throwing out opinions. Some of the better advice I’ve received is that if you ever find yourself arguing out of ignorance, it is time to shut your mouth and walk away. No good comes from throwing your opinions around without any sort of reason.
Most of the student rage seems to be written upon Augustana’s Facebook page. Such comments may not be a good source for Academia research, but I believe this comment from a former student serves the greater population well:
“It is not Augustana’s job as an institution to shield you from the consequences of your actions. You’re an adult, and you make your own choices. Face the results.”
The real world is a daunting place for some individuals, but if you believe that you should be shielded from consequences because of who you work for, what your family name is or what school you attend, you are wrong. Rather than throw insults and complaints from behind a computer screen, make the choice to stand up for your opinions in an honorable fashion. Schedule a meeting, write a formal letter or seek help from the faculty or administration members who care so much about you.
Andrew Sogn
Proud Member of Augustana Class of 2012