Letter to the Editor


Keep in contact with ASA representatives


Recently, the Augustana Student Association has been brainstorming different ways for our administrators and students to stay better connected to one another.  Specifically, we are exploring new ways for administrators to inform students about things that affect us.  There are always things to celebrate at Augustana: plans for a new science center, funding for student research, expansion of arts and athletic programs.  There are also issues that raise questions, and sometimes concern, amongst all of us.

As your student government discusses the best ways to expand communication, we want your input.  Would you take time to read more frequent news updates on the Augie website?  Would you rather have email updates from the president, dean of students, and academic dean?  Is social media a good medium, or would campus updates gets lost amidst everything else?  How else do you want to stay informed and voice your opinions?  We want to promote and deliver what is best for all of you.

As always, your ASA Senators, and both of us, are happy to receive your suggestions, comments, and complaints.  Find us at augie.edu/asa, on Facebook, in our office, or at asa@ole.augie.edu.


Thad Titze & Matt Anderson

ASA President and Vice President