Letter from your Editors

Greetings readers!

Since this is our third issue being editors together, it is about time we introduce ourselves.

Sara is from Hopkins, Minn., and misses her homeland dearly. Someday she hopes to return to get a job writing for a newspaper. She also has a love for tie-dye.

Megan is from Amboy, Minn., and enjoys music. Though she loves her native state, she’s grown fond of S.D. and hopes to stay in Sioux Falls upon graduating to find a job writing or editing for a publication.

You may not know this about us, but we LOVE editing.

We want to take this time to shout to out Jenny Rackl and Kirstie Wollman, our mentors and role models.

Lots of love to you both.

And fine, Hal Thompson too.

Our vision for the paper includes not only what you are reading right now, but also what we copy online for your convenience every issue in the modern age. So go online. Now.

We also love cookies—specifically Halloween special Oreos.


Sara Weinreis and Megan Wendt