Letter from the Editor-In-Chief

When I was a junior in high school, I tried to start a school newspaper. A handful of my friends and classmates wrote a few stories, and I used Microsoft Publisher to fit them haphazardly together on a page, interspersed with pixelated photographs.

For two weeks, my little newspaper team and I were successful. We published two issues with the help of a local print shop, and we even managed to get one advertisement.

But after two weeks, my friends lost interest in writing, and I lost interest in spending my free time dinking around on Publisher. The More Messenger, as it was called, ended, as did my interest in journalism.

Or so I thought.

After coming to Augustana with every intention of pursuing a government degree and going on to law school, I soon found myself reacquainted with journalism instead. I wrote my first article for the Mirror during my first semester freshmen year. Second semester I enrolled in the Journalism 115 class, and I switched majors fall of my sophomore year.

Writing for the Mirror was my first step in discovering my true passion for journalism. I always loved to write, but I never realized that my love of writing and my passion for politics could be reconciled so perfectly.

I am incredibly grateful for Jeffrey and Janet and their leadership in the journalism department. They’ve taught me the importance of the free press in maintaining a democracy and the need for reporters to communicate facts without bias to the general public.

As the journalism field changes and adapts to quickly changing technologies, the Mirror will strive to keep providing quality news to the Augustana community both in print and online.

I’m excited about the potential for the Mirror to expand by providing more news to you online. I look forward to serving as Editor-in-Chief this year, and I hope that the Mirror can be a stepping-stone for others to discover a passion for journalism as well.


Megan Raposa