Thank you, please come again

In the typical end-of-the-semester spirit of nostalgia, it only seems appropriate to spend a few moments reflecting back on this past school year.

It’s hard to even find words to describe my experience as editor-in-chief this year, and, at the risk of sounding too much like an Academy Award acceptance speech, I really do have so many people to thank.

The tremendous amount of effort exerted by the Mirror writers this year made my job so easy. Editing good writers is a privilege for which I am very grateful.

Thank you, also, to the fine staff of section and copy editors who uncomplainingly stayed up with me until 4 a.m. and comforted me when the printer broke.

On that note, thank you to Mike Chapman for fixing the printer.

Also, without the guidance and support of Dr. Jeffrey Miller, I probably wouldn’t even be majoring in journalism, much less be the editor-in-chief. Thank you for being both a mentor and a hard-ass, because Lord knows I need both.

And Janet, one of these days I’ll finish that video journalism assignment for you. It’s on the record now, so you can hold it against me. (i.e. Thank you for being supportive and wonderful.)

Before the orchestra kicks in and plays me off the page, I should mention that this really isn’t a goodbye. I’ll be back with the Mirror next year, and I’m looking forward to having another year to push our school paper to provide students with important information about what’s happening on campus.

The Mirror staff works tirelessly to provide news each week, but without student interest and involvement, we might as well be writing for ourselves. The Mirror should be a forum for discussion on campus about important issues, and I hope next year to continue the momentum forward to engage students and be a part of the campus conversation.

For any that want to become involved with the Mirror, follow us online (@augiemirror; augiemirror.com). For those who don’t have Internet, or at least those who don’t need to be on it all the time, thank you for continuing to read our print copies weekly.

For anyone reading this: thank you. You make all of the stress and sleepless nights worthwhile.


Megan Raposa is a junior journalism and business communications major from Rapid City, S.D. She can be reached via email at mlraposa11@ole.augie.edu.