I’ve never considered myself what you’d call “technologically savvy.” My parents and the Sprint sales guy practically had to beat me over the head to get me to turn in my pink (yes, pink) flip phone for whatever the next big thing was. And now, I have an iPhone and can’t imagine not having it.

Now that I have it, there is one game in particular that keeps me up at night. “Match the Dots” (not to be confused with just “Dots”) is a relatively new, free app that puts all connect-the-dots games I’ve ever played to shame. In “Match the Dots,” you have one job: to match the dots in the allotted time frame or in the allotted number of moves. When the timer goes below 20 seconds, the screen starts to flash red. Then, you panic and try to win the level. I still can’t get past level 94.

In comparison with the “Dots” game, “Match the Dots” is better in every way. The dots are bigger, (no squinting required) the colors are brighter, and you can connect the dots in several different patterns. You even get more points the more creative you are in connecting them. While in “Dots,” you can only connect in a straight line, in “Match the Dots,” you can connect diagonally, backwards, zig-zag or really anything but looping. “Match the Dots” has hundreds of levels to play, and the further you get in the game, the more twists the game throws in.

For example, the dots aren’t set up in a simple square pattern, but there are circles, upside down triangles and even weird shapes whose identity I still can’t figure out. In the higher levels, you get to connect dots to release little diamonds nestled within them, and you have to do that all in less than 30 moves or in a minute. The more dots you connect, the more bonus points you receive and the more levels you unlock.

Overall, “Match the Dots” is an app that will make staying up late totally worth it. even though I tell myself The app is free, and so far I haven’t noticed any glitches. There are ads in between levels, but it’s not worth paying to upgrade the game. Need an app to pass the time? “Match the Dots.”