I like using Facebook to see what my family and friends (and also good-looking people, I must admit) have been up to lately by checking their statuses on my Facebook feed.

I actually enjoy spending a good 10 to 15 minutes reading statuses and looking at the pictures that are just uploaded by my family and friends, until I see this type of status: the Bitstrips comic strip.

Bitstrips is a free Apple and Android app that allows its users to make comic strips of themselves and their friends as cartoon avatars in various scenes. These comic strips can then be shared to the user’s Facebook timeline so his or her friends can see the humor.

While we can assume that a lot of people enjoy Bitstrips (it is one of the top downloaded apps right now), some people upload too many comic strips, and this creates an issue for other Facebook users. Bitstrips gets annoying.

Although the purpose of Bitstrips may be replacing your plain text Facebook status to an interesting cartoon because “a picture worth a thousand words,” Uploading five comic strips in a day is as annoying as posting thousand-words statuses.

I feel there has to be an unwritten rule of how many Facebook statuses and pictures you can post in a day. “X pushes Y down the hill,” “X and Y love hot dogs,” and “X puts a salt in Y’s coffee” are just too much if someone posted them all in a five-minute interval. Even worse, it is more than just one person who does this.

With over 11 million users, Bitstrips is currently the number two top free app in the App Store and number five on Google Play. No wonder there have been a lot of Bitstrips comic strips appearing on Facebook feeds.

What’s more, Bitstrips is not only a phenomenon in the U.S. Augustana student Ricky Voorn from the Netherlands said Bitstrips is also currently popular in his home country.

“Some of them are funny, but like other apps, some people are pushing it already,” Voorn said. “But the good thing is it’s not like Candy Crush where you get a thousand requests per day to get a life.”

Sophomore Bradley Ostendorf said that the app is fun only for a short period of time and wonders how Bitstrips once was the number one app on App store.

“I want apps that I download to consume my time,” Ostendorf said. “But Bitstrip, after the first three comics, I was like, ‘Alright, I’m bored.’”

Bitstrips is old and overused. It is not entertaining or funny anymore. Soon enough, this comic app is either going to be forgotten completely or will gain more users than ever before. I really hope for the first one.