Courtney Williams



The sun is shining. The grass is turning green. The snow is melting. I’m pretty sure I just jinxed things, but let’s roll with this. With the changing of the seasons comes the emergence of scarily short shorts, crop tops and any number of skin-baring clothing items.

For us ladies, spring means all the magazines are full of “beach body” workouts and “how to get sexy in five seconds” articles that don’t do much except make some of us feel guilty for having hips, boobs and thighs that touch. By the way, who deemed having thighs with a few inches between them a necessity for being sexy?

My best friend and I went shopping last week and, as we tried stuff on, I came to the conclusion that size shouldn’t matter because it varies by store.

I’ve tried every diet/cleanse/fat-burning pill in an attempt to give myself that flat stomach and coveted thigh gap. What I’ve found is that with each pill I take or with every meal I skip, I’m just creating a more distorted body image for myself and for women in general.

Who is that fair to? All it does is make me hungry, tired and cranky. I like food. I like eating, and I eat what I want, in moderation. Why starve yourself? Pick your meals from the five food groups, and enjoy candy bars once in a while.

While we’re on the subject, let’s talk about buying clothes that fit your body style. Name-brand clothes don’t always fit, and there’s nothing wrong with buying off-brand if that’s what looks right and fits right for you.

Ladies, it’s ok to wear what makes you feel the best. Don’t worry about keeping up with the Jones’ because, quite frankly, you can’t.

For me, I don’t like wearing skinny jeans because I feel like a stuffed sausage. I wear Levi’s straight leg jeans. Just call me “mom butt.” But I feel like myself and I’m not worried about people seeing my butt crack or my thighs busting out of my inseam. I also wear leggings and yoga pants because they fit my thighs and cover my tummy.

Also, buy your size. Don’t succumb to the itty bitty clothes because that’s what we’ve been told is socially acceptable. Wear what’s comfortable and makes you feel confident.

No one is grabbing your shirt and checking the tag. That’s would be awkward.

Embrace your size, ladies. Your body is the only one you’ll get, so take care of it. I’m not saying don’t exercise, because that’s not going to have positive outcomes. But I am saying, don’t focus on a size.

Work out for yourself, not anyone else. Do yoga, go running, ride a bike or lift weights, but don’t starve yourself or think that no one will find you attractive if you aren’t a size nothing.

That’s just crap, and if someone does place value on size, you don’t want anything to do with them.

Size is ultimately unimportant, and you shouldn’t let your value be reduced to a simple number on a tag.

You know something? I’ve come to terms with my body. I work out three days a week, and I buy clothes that fit me. It’s taken a good 15 years to come to that conclusion, but my size is relative in the grand scheme of life.

My pant, shirt, or bra size doesn’t define me. It’s just a number, and I’m so much more than a size 6.