Fall has come and the wind has started to blow. You probably think that it is time to shove those summer outfits to the darkest part of your closet, but it is not necessary. It is time to start layering.

The three top fall layering outfits that are never out of style are the leather jacket, the sweater and the denim shirt.

A leather (or pleather) jacket is the go-to outerwear if you feel like wearing your summer outfit but want to make it wearable for the fall weather. Leather jackets also work with every outfit when the color combination matches.

What’s more, the combination of a leather jacket and a summer dress is always appealing because it gives an edgy and sweet vibe at the same time.

Even though black and shades of brown leather jackets are the most popular picks to pair with, other colors such as white, red or green give a bold and daring accent to a darker-colored outfit.

If a leather jacket does not work with your style and you are looking for a sweet and cute look for this fall, I recommend layering with a sweater.

A knit sweater gives an instant warm and comfy feeling. Pair up your knit sweater with summer shorts — or even with a summer dress — to get that easy and comfortable summer-to-fall transition look.

The sweater-skirt combination is the optimal choice for this Sioux Falls weather lately: not too cold, not too hot.

Tucking a sweater into a skirt works well during the transitional season. I recommend a full skirt or skater skirt for this combination, because it balances the volume of the whole outfit.

However, I do have a warning for you: wearing a bodycon — a tightly fitting skirt — with a tucked-in sweater does not flatter the body curve. It also reminds me of Britney Spears’ outfit to church in early August.

Another way to layer with a sweater is to pair it with a collared summer shirt or dress. The way the collar shows on top of the sweater gives a sweet, preppy look that is appropriate for both class and meeting someone important.

The layering potential does not stop there. Denim shirts are a must for transitioning outfits from summer to fall. A denim shirt works just like a leather jacket: it looks great with most every outfit.

One of the ways to mix your denim shirt with a summer outfit is to wear it as a form of outerwear. From the short summer dress to a maxi dress, adding your denim shirt gives a whole new look. Some dresses look nice with the denim shirt tied up, while others are better with the loose shirt look.

If you do not have any dresses that matches the denim shirt (even though I believe that a denim shirt matches pretty much everything), you can simply put it on with a normal skirt or shorts. I recommend wearing a belt with them because it works as a neutralizer and gives an eye-catching border between the denim shirt and the bottom.

If the weather gets even colder, don’t forget that layering them together is always an option.

However, there are three major rules of layering:

One: choose the right color combination. I know I told you that these layering items match with almost everything, but avoid being monotone. For example, when you have a black leather jacket, do not just pair it with a black dress. Add some bright accessories such as a belt, scarf or necklace.

Two: don’t be afraid to show some skin. Layering up does not mean covering up. Roll up your sweater sleeves for a more relaxed look.

Three: do not over-layer. You do not want to look like you are drowning in your clothing. Make sure that you have balanced the volume between top and bottom.

Layering is fun because it seems like you have a different wardrobe from summer to fall with only three basic items. This is the point of layering: to make your summer outfit appropriate for the season.