You’re growing the beard. You’ve got the hipster, wide rims. You spent a small fortune on the perfect pair of dark wash jeans. Don’t screw this look up with a slouchy sweatshirt or poorly matched shoes.

Fashion is just as important for men as for women. Leave the sweatpants for the gym and impress the ladies with your sense of style.

Maybe it’s the No-Shave November attitude or the colder weather, but the lumberjack look seems to come back every fall. Start with a thermal shirt in a neutral color and layer with your favorite flannel. Pair it with a dark wash jean and a casual boot. It’s the city version of the wild mountain-man look, but it’s warm, and this look will go perfectly with your five o’ clock shadow. I mean, your manly November beard.

If the backwoodsman isn’t your style, you could try a more athletic look instead. Ditch the sweatpants and ripped T-shirt, and go with a more updated, sporty look. Beginning with your favorite pair of worn-in jeans, rolled up, add a classic v-neck or crew neck T-shirt in a solid color or with a trendy design on it. Add a zip-up sweatshirt for a pop of color and finish the outfit with a pair of Vans or Converse for a throwback feel.

For the more European-styled man, go ahead and get a pea coat or tweed jacket and pair it with a thick scarf. This look is popular this season, and it will help keep you warm against the South Dakota wind. Keep the style going with a button up, tie and cardigan combination paired with a dark tan pair of chinos. This style would work well with oxfords or loafers. And if your sweater has elbow patches, even better.

If you couldn’t tell by these three outfit suggestions, layering is always a big trend when the weather begins to turn colder. While there are many options for layering, the key is to not overdo it. A tee, button up, Henley sweatshirt and tweed blazer ends up making you look bulky, and you’ll probably start peeling those layers off by the end of your first class.

Instead, stick to simple, comfortable layers, and stay with solid colors or small prints in the same color scheme. Navy blue, tan and black are the cornerstone neutrals for men, so match up basics with this fall’s coordinating colors: cranberry, emerald or steel (read: a dark red, a vivid green and a dark gray).

For a strong layering look, aim for three. Pairing a gray tee with a navy blue striped button up is a great look, but go one step further and add a maroon Henley or coffee-colored v-neck sweater.

Another layering look is to start with a tee or sweater, throw on a complementary color zip-up sweater and complete with a solid blazer for the right amount of business casual. Khakis or dark wash jeans would finish this look, perfect for class or work.

With all this layering and coordinating colors, don’t forget about the staples in your wardrobe. Leather belts, sleek ties and clean shoes go a long way in helping your outfit look more put-together. Whether it’s for a job interview or just for Thursday class, these are details that shouldn’t go overlooked.

The most important part of any outfit is your confidence while wearing it. If layering or complementary colors intimidate you enough not to take a chance, don’t worry about it. Throw on a simple tee, a not-picked-up-from-the-floor pair of pants, and a nice pair of shoes. As long as you smell clean and fresh, that’s all that matters. Girls will still notice you, and let’s face it, that’s what you’re going for if you’re reading a fashion column.

So, remember to shower and put on deodorant. Because under all those layers, you don’t want to be nervous sporting that lumberjack look.