Ladies, you can mullet over too


What do Billy Ray Cyrus, Paul McCartney and Florence Henderson all have in common? Ding, ding, ding, time’s up! If you guessed that they are all mad for mullets, then you guessed right.

As spring begins to appear, so do the latest and greatest fashion trends. With the fresh air and the fresh flowers, the spring trends call for a fresh look.

In recent years we have seen the ’80s creeping into the hot fashion trends. From shoulder pads to sequin pants, our mothers have cringed at the styles they used to emulate.

If my mother had one regret in life, it would definitely be the high wasted jeans she starved herself to fit into. As she tossed her girbaud jeans and shoulder padded blazers aside, she hoped her ’80s garb was gone for good.

Unfortunately, she failed to realize the epicness of the decade and the hairstyles that topped off the fabulous fashion.

The mullet is a hairstyle that speaks for itself. With a business in the front look, it perfectly fits the Augustana student mold. But as they say, all work and no play makes for a dull boy.

Mullet wearers prove that work and play can go in the same sentence; or, on the same head in this case.

As class ends on Friday, it’s time to put the business aside. With one turn of your head, BAM, it’s party time as the mullet offers long-lasting fun.

Business in the front, party in the back. There is no way anyone can be mulletproof.

Ladies, fellas, it doesn’t matter. Everyone is mad for mullets.

Florence Henderson from the Brady Bunch was able to catch the hearts of millions with her blonde babe of a mullet. Billy Ray broke many achey, breaky hearts with his do. You wanna know why? Because it’s provocative. It’s a head-turner, it’s a heart breaker, and it’s this spring’s hottest trend.