We’ve all had it. It starts as a little red bump on your forehead, then one on your nose and cheek. Then it’ll turn white or black, really bump up and then you have to make the biggest decision of your day: to pop, or not to pop? Yep, I’m talking about acne. What starts as a clogged pore can turn into something really uncomfortable really fast. While we can’t all avoid acne, you can manage those pesky breakouts.

Whether you get acne on your face, your back, or your shoulders, it all comes down to basic skincare habits in helping cut down on the amount of acne you get. Here are some tips on staying acne-free.

First, wash your face twice a day, every day. I use Johnson & Johnson’s Purpose brand of face wash. It’s non-comedogenic and isn’t actually soap, so it won’t dry out your face or cause irritation.

Second, be sure to exfoliate. I use Neutrogena Naturals’ Purifying Pore Scrub, which is gentle enough to use every day and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. I also use St. Ives’ exfoliating body wash  every night.

Third, toner is a good thing. So many brands make it; you just have to choose the right bottle. As strange as this may sound, I use basic rubbing alcohol as my toner. I follow it up with moisturizer so I’m not flaky or look like I’m molting. And on that note…

Moisturize! Find a face lotion with SPF in it to keep unwanted UV rays (as rare as they are in this season) away.

Don’t use super-hot water when you wash your face, as it will dry out your skin. Lukewarm is the best temperature with which to wash your face.

Try not to pop your zits. I know, I know. I do it more than I care to admit, but when you pop a zit, you’re just pushing the bacteria further into your skin and laying the groundwork for future breakouts. Hands off.

What I’ve found is the simpler I keep my skincare regimen, the less acne I have. It doesn’t take much to set up your skincare regimen as long as you stick to it. So, always take off your makeup, wash your face every morning and night, exfoliate, use toner and moisturizer, and don’t, don’t, just don’t, pop your zits. No zits are good zits.