It’s that time of year again. More intramural sports are beginning as we come into the winter season. Men and women’s indoor volleyball and co-ed basketball consist of both competitive and recreational leagues, giving Augustana students more opportunities to get involved without feeling that they have to compete at a high level.

Sophomore Maddie Moore is team captain of the women’s indoor volleyball team “My Lovely Lady Bumps.”

“I got into intramurals my freshman year when my NSO group decided to play in the all-terrain volleyball tournament,” Moore said.

“I love playing intramurals because it’s a great way to take a break from studying and hang out with some friends. I love that we have a rec league and a competitive league because I suck and it’s no fun to lose every game.”

Freshman Peyton Hecht agrees the divisions are great for different talent levels of students.

“Putting together a team of friends to just have fun for a recreational league or bringing a more intense spirit to the game and choosing a competitive division both allow your experience to be wonderful,” she said.

Hecht was involved with intramurals during the fall season and is serving as the team captain of the “Setting Ducks” in the women’s indoor volleyball competitive league this winter.

Intramurals serve as a great opportunity to get involved around campus. Seventy-one percent of students participated in some type of intramural sport in the 2011-2012 school year.

“Intramurals provide a great setting for students to develop and strengthen relationships as they organize teams for the various activities,” Mark Hecht, director of recreational services said.

“They provide opportunities for students to create lasting memories as they experience success, failure, reward, disappointment and lots of fun.”

As the winter months approach, intramurals are an excellent way of making sure students stay active. Since it is going to be getting colder, the temptation to exercise outside will decrease. However, with the winter intramurals the Elmen has to offer, there is still an opportunity to workout.

“Volleyball is my favorite, but I would encourage anyone to check [the intramurals] out and join a team,” Peyton Hecht said. “You won’t regret it.”