Although they are not as high as last year, recreation services report high attendance numbers for 2013-2014 intramurals. According to Chad Barman, intramural coordinator at the Elmen, 77 percent of students have participated in recreational services activities throughout the year.

“Everyone who participates in intramurals has their own reasons,” Barman said. “Last year we had an all time record of 79 percent participation of the student body.”

Currently, the program has 118 males and 22 females participating in five-on-five basketball and 188 in co-ed volleyball, with sign-up sheets open for various outdoor sports that will begin in the spring.

“I started participating in intramurals my first year at Augie after transferring from a different school,” Barman said. “I had always played sports so it was a natural fit and something to do with my friends.”

Due to the number of participants, the Recreation Services staff often splits the intramural teams into two divisions: competitive and recreational. This gives a wide range of students the opportunity to play.

Junior Abbie Blank-Libra feels that the intramural program offers an activity for everyone wishing to participate.

“Recreation services offers such a variety of intramurals to play that it gives everyone a chance to participate in a sport they feel comfortable playing,” Blank-Libra, the captain of three teams, said.

Senior Allie Ostrander, who has been captain of intramural teams for four years, finds any excuse to play intramurals as much as she can.

“They are so much fun, competitive, and they keep me busy during the week,” Ostrander said. “I have been involved in everything from terrain volleyball to walleyball to basketball, you name it.”

According to Ostrander, intramurals are a good way to take a study break while being active and having fun.

“I encourage as many people on campus to participate in them as possible,” Ostrander said. “There are always people wanting to play a sport during the week, and being involved in intramurals is a way to do that.”