Inter-vis extends hours to 1 a.m. weekdays


Have you habitually been praying that you can stay in your brother’s room past midnight on weekdays? Well, your prayers have been answered.

For everyone, except seniors, a new intervisitation policy has been approved. Seniors are not included because the new policy does not go into effect until September.

Jim Bies, dean of student services, said the task force has extended the evening hours of the policy. Intervisitation will begin at noon but will extend to 1 a.m. from Sunday through Thursday and until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

The morning hours will remain the same because “it is basically a privacy issue,” Bies said. “The reason for intervisitation is to guarantee privacy to residents in halls. Some students sleep until 10 or even 11 [a.m.].” And who wants to walk to the shower and run into someone of the opposite sex, added Bies.

“A task force commissioned by Augustana Student Association has been studying the policy for three months,” Bies said. The force came up with its feelings and gave them to Bies and his staff, who in turn passed it to the president.

Bies thinks one more hour to study together on the weekdays will make more of a community on campus. “Obviously, students are not going to be studying until two on weekends, but it gives students a chance to socialize and communicate more,” he said.

The quiet hours are not changing, Bies said. “Any floor can implement a more restrictive intervisitation policy if they want to,” he added.

The task force was considering two different sets of hours since 71 percent of the intervisitation violations occurred in Solberg and Bergsaker Halls. But Bies said we are all one community and “the freshmen just need to learn to compromise. The more you expect of people, the more they respond positively.”

April 16, 1987

The Augustana Mirror