The Elmen Center’s Get Fit program has seen an increase in participation numbers in the last few years. The program is a 12-week, cross-training incentive program that requires its participants to log in four workouts per week.

According to Carmen Hecht, there were 392 participants that recorded 5,339 workouts this fall. However, the highest number of participants was recorded in the fall of 2011 at 403.

“The fall semester is usually more popular than the spring for this program,” intramural coordinator Chad Barman said. “Usually the fall numbers are in the high 300’s, whereas the spring records show lower 200’s.”

Participants are required to complete 20 to 40 workouts in order to receive prizes. To get full credit for the program, participants have to complete five weight room workouts, five pool workouts and four group fitness classes. The rest of the workouts are of one’s choosing.

“I like to participate because I play in so many intramural games it just makes sense, but I think there are so many reasons why people like to participate,” Barman said.

According to senior Michelle Braun, Get Fit has helped her branch out.

“I never went to group fitness classes,” Braun said. “But because the program requires four each semester I tried something new and now I love going to group fitness classes weekly.”

The Get Fit program is in its seventh successful year. Before that, the Elmen had similar programs, but this one has replaced those and proven more successful.

“It is a great way for people to get something for their effort,” Barman said. “It helps people be accountable and prove to themselves that they can get in and workout out even if they don’t want too.”

Sample prizes are given every week for recording the necessary amount of workouts. Once participants complete the 40 cross-training workouts, they are eligible to get a free t-shirt and have their names be put in a drawing for various gift cards.

“It really is a win-win,” Barman said. “The incentives allow the program to be successful and participants get to stay in shape.”