How to nail it this spring




Painting nails is a girl thing males will never quite understand, yet can’t help but notice. Ladies, from your fingers to you toes, you deserve to stand out. With knockout nails, you can do just that.

Stickers, ombre, art, tie-dye and sparkle are just a few trends that surfaced in 2012. But, as fabulous as all of those trends were, it’s time to move on and nail 2013.

The trends for this spring offer a wide range of diversity, so no nail should ever go naked.

Here are the top five trends you don’t want to miss.

Pretty in pale is back and looking as chic as ever. For those who like their outfits to speak louder than their nails, it makes sense to let a classic, prim and proper, pale manicure hint at your feminine side.

But for some, once you go black you can never go back. Dark nails are a trend that seems to keep reappearing season after season. To refresh your dark side, use charcoals and shimmery blacks to add a traditional spin on the basic black you always love. The dark polish pops against the bright springs colors, giving you a more intriguing, edgy look that is popular amongst celebs.

Metallic is the new sparkle this spring. On the runways the metallic polish is used as an accent to your favorite nail polish color. Gold, silver or copper will add some flash to any manicure. It is a bold trend, but for those of you that want to experiment without turning into a metallic manic, it’s fun to add a hint to the tips of your nails or paint a strip down the middle. Let your creativeness kick in and see what you come up with.

If you love Vampire Diaries or have always felt drawn to witches and danger, it is time to incorporate edgy elements into your polish plans. The more twisted, the better. Some examples include, the reverse Goth version of a French manicure, the imitation of dripping blood, and/or jagged shark bit looking patterns against a dark nail all create that edgy look. I dare you to get dangerous.

Finally, it’s time to put a twist on the French manicure with the two-tone trend. By throwing in two different tones it allows the design to create an interesting contrast. The best way to go about this trend is to experiment with different designs and patterns using contrasting tones that flatter your skin tone. Chevron is a popular pattern, or you can also try a vertical spilt or a V-shape for added dimension.

There you have it. As our dreary days begin to change, so should your nails. With these five trends, you can’t go wrong. I can’t wait to see how you nail it.